Our company provides monitoring, control and management system for movable and immovable objects. The system is the union of several multifunctional subsystems, integrated with each others. That is why it solves complex tasks for organizations with different activities, giving everyone the most necessary and useful tools and solutions based on the specific nature of its activities.

Installing GPS devices and various sensors of high quality, we provide information about the location, movement, stops, fuel consumption, speed, working hours, routes, leaving from the route or zone, entering to the zone and other details about objects in real time or for the selected time interval.

With the constantly developing software modules, we provide automation, optimization and modernization for the organizations activities.

Cargo transportation and passenger transportation

Cargo transportation and passenger transportation
Taxi and car rental
Construction, mining
Equipment, property
People, animals, cars

Technical maintenance

Quality maintenance
Affordable prices
Flexible packages according to customer requirements
Rich system of discounts
Proposal for trucks

Software development

Integration with your systems
New systems development
The inclusion of customer suggestions
Software Reliability
Dynamic development of the system

Equipment sales

GPS devices
Fuel level sensor
Passenger presence sensor

We offer to integrate our system with any existing system, as well as to develop new systems according clients needs.

We are also providing technical maintenance of trucks and cars, which includes both individual maintenance work and work in packages, including a list of works, for a fixed monthly rate.

We are selling quality GPS equipment and various sensors integrated with them, as well as other equipment for vehicles.

Complex solutions in the field of transport

Seamless communication between all services
Monitoring and management = Technical maintenance- Software development

Why Choose Us?

All our services and solutions are seamlessly integrated with each other and is provided unobstructed exchange of information.

  • Complex solutions in the field of transport
  • Transparency of activities and management
  • Activities history saving and analytical tools

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