Software systems

Development and integration of software systems

The activity of our company is not only in the installation and maintenance of GPS devices, but also in providing a high-quality automated monitoring and management system, in the constant enrichment and development of the system according to the requirements of customers. Our company has a team of qualified programmers, especially experienced in the field of GIS, where information about an object is related to its location on Earth. We offer monitoring and management system, which is the integrated union of two systems: Wialon international monitoring system and our own management system.

We offer a comprehensive combination of two services for the price of one to make your business more efficient.

Additional services and special offers for your sphere of activity will ensure double efficiency of your business.

Development of our system and Integration with the Wialon system was produced by our developers team, which is constantly communicates with users and includes many proposals and has implemented various integrations depending on customer requirements.

The company is ready to implement for other companies, integration their own program with the system Tesnum.em, and with the system Wialon, and also to develop new systems according to their proposals. In case of necessary , new system will be integrated with Wialon and

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