Special offer

Tesnum.em company has a special offer for companies with a delivery service. It allows to define delivery addresses on the map in a convenient way, group these addresses as specific directions and attach the direction and delivery schedule to the delivery object. In this case, the system will automatically track the progress of the delivery process, for each courier it will mark the addresses already delivered, as well as delays or interruptions in the delivery process. At the same time, it will give all the necessary messages and notifications about both completed and unfulfilled deliveries, marking exact addresses and exact time intervals.

General services

In addition to the modules inherent in this area, the system in this case also provides all monitoring and control modules that, in real time or for a selected time interval, inform about the location, movement, stops, fuel level, refueling, vehicle engine states, allow you to receive automatic messages , notifications, reports and charts.

Additional services.

By connecting GPS devices to the car's electronic system, the system allows you to receive all the information provided by the car's electronic system, track changes in parameters expressed by this information, and automatically receive messages in case of deviations from the permissible parameters. For example, monitor the temperature of the water in the car, the temperature of the refrigerator, the number of round per minute of the engine, the position of the accelerator pedal, the load on the axles, etc.

We are ready to listen to customer suggestions and expand the system in accordance with their requirements.

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