Control of precious equipment

Many organizations use precious equipment in their activities (for example: in beauty salons, dental centers, diagnostic or laboratory centers, geodetic centers, etc.) and do not have a guarantee that these equipment will not be stolen.
By installing GPS devices on such equipment and indicating the location of the equipment in our system, our system begins to track this equipment. As soon as an attempt is made to steal the device and it starts moving from its location, the system will immediately notify the owner of the device by sending him a Viber message, sending notifications in the program and immediately showing on the map where the device is and where it is going.

This approach is applicable not only to equipment, but also to any valuable property that is in a stable condition and requires supervision. For example, wagons, cranes, trailers, antyfire cabinets, etc.

Moreover, since the history of the location of the object is stored, you can always find out details about the location of the object, find out where the equipment was at any exact time.

Control of fuel, drinks or building materials stored in special cisterns, tanks, reservoirs.

Despite to GPS equipment, by installing fuel level sensors or GPS equipment with a special camera, we provide monitoring of fuel, drinks or building materials in cisterns, tanks, reservoirs. In real time, as well as for the selected time interval, we provide information about at what minute, what liquid or building material was drained or poured into each tank. At the request of the client, the system automatically sends messages about each charge or discharge, namely: what material, how much and when it was filled or drained. In addition, for the selected period of time, the system provides reports on filling or draining in the form of tables or diagrams.

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