People, animals, cars

Seniors, children and pets

It is often necessary to monitor the elderly, children, people with certain diseases, pets. There are various GPS devices that can be conveniently attached to people or pets. With the help of such equipment, our system will monitor people and pets, ensuring their safety.

In case of leaving the pre-marked territory, the system will be immediately sent a message to the guardian of the elderly person, child or animal, indicating on the map where he is at the moment and in which direction he is moving.
Of course, the guardian can track the person or animal under his care in the real time and also see where he was at any selected period of time.

Permanent awareness of the whereabouts of an elderly person, child or animal will allow the guardian to go about their business, while at the same time having permanent information about the ward.

If necessary, the guardian can himself indicate new areas or zones where the person under his care may or may not be.


We offer car theft prevention and control tools to expensive cars owners also .
By installing GPS equipment on a car, in real time or for a selected time interval, we provide information about the location, movement of the object, stops, fuel level, refueling, engine status, etc., and also provide automatic receiving of messages, notifications, reports and diagrams. Moreover, messages are released not only through the interface, but also in the form of viber messages.

By connecting GPS devices to the car's electronic system, the system allows you to receive all the information provided by the car's electronic system, track changes in parameters expressed by this information, and automatically receive messages in case of deviations from the permissible parameters. For example, monitor the temperature of the water in the car, the temperature of the refrigerator, the number of round of the engine, the position of the accelerator pedal, the load on the axles, etc.

Car owners can mark on the map any area where the car should be located and when the car leaves this area, they will immediately receive a notification about this and on the map they will see where the car is located and in which direction it is moving. Our system enables the car owner to remotely turn off the car engine and thereby prevent theft of the car.

For all monitored parameters, the user is provided with reports for the selected period of time, in his preferred form.

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