Construction, mining, agriculture

In this area also operate all monitoring and management modules , informing about the location, movement, stops, fuel level, refueling, engine condition and other parts. These modules provide information both on the map and in the form of tables, reports, charts, graphs, messages.

Messages are issued not only on the interface, but also in the form of viber messages.

Special solutions

In the areas of construction, mining and agriculture, both standard vehicles and special-purpose equipment are used, as well as special tanks and tanks for storing fuel or building materials.

For the same reason, in order to facilitate the most efficient organization of work in construction, mining and agriculture, we install special sensors and offer special solutions.

Special solutions are, for example, at what angle the arrow of crane hoist is raised, whether the concrete mixer rotates or not, and the like.

Additional solutions

In addition, by installing fuel level sensors, we not only provide information about the fuel level for vehicles and tanks, but also by installing these sensors on storages or tanks of building materials, fertilizers, alcoholic beverages and other materials, we provide information on the stocks and consumption of these materials. At the request of the customer, messages about the consumption of a certain type of material will be automatically sent.

Having GPS on vehicles supplying building materials, fuel or fertilizers will allow to see at a glance how long it will take for a supplier to reach a tank where the material is close to being consumed.

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