Taxi and car rental

General description:

For organizations providing such services, the system provides all monitoring and control modules, due to which, in real time or for a selected period of time, it is possible to receive information about the objects location, movement, stops, fuel level, refueling, engine status and other details, receive automatic messages and notifications, and also reports and charts. Moreover, messages are received not only through the interface, but also in the form of viber messages.

Special offer and additional services

Besides of common modules, for organizations providing taxi and car rental services, we offer car theft prevention service, which will automatically notify in case, when car will leave the zone marked by the client and, if necessary, will turn off the car and block the engine until the client unlocks it himself.

Due to the installation of a passenger presence sensor, we give the opportunity to control the presence of passengers, and due to installing a fuel level sensor, we give the opportunity to control fuel consumption.

By connecting GPS devices to the car's electronic system, the system allows to receive all the information provided by the car's electronic system, track changes in parameters expressed by electronic system, and automatically receive messages in case of deviations from the permissible parameters. For example, monitor the temperature of the water in the car, the temperature of the refrigerator, the number of round per minute of the engine, the position of the accelerator pedal, the load on the axles, etc.

Messages, Reports

It is especially useful for organizations providing taxi and car rental services, to receive automatic messages about speeding, deviations from the specified route, the moment of stay or duration of stay in the specified place, or about leaving the specified place.

For all monitored parameters, the user is provided with reports for the selected period of time, in his preferred form.

We are ready to listen to customer suggestions and expand the system in accordance with their requirements.

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