Cargo transportation and passenger transportation

General description:

The monitoring and control system offers a wide range of services and automated tools for transport companies carrying out cargo and passenger transportation.

In addition to issuing information about the location, transportation, stops, fuel consumption, refueling or draining fuel and other details related to the monitoring and management of objects, this module allows you to register cars, routes, cargo, cargo transportation, drivers, customers and manage the entire process of cargo transportation, having complete picture and detailed history of transportation.

By connecting the GPS device to the car's electronic system, the system allows you to monitor the water temperature, refrigerator temperature, frequency of motor rotation, accelerator pedal position, axle load, etc.

For all monitored parameters (over speeding, engine overheating, refueling, engine overload, deviation from the permissible refrigerator temperature range, etc.), the system automatically sends messages to the client.


After entering information related to the cargo transportation (car, cargo, route, driver, etc.), the system automatically generates a complete set of documents accompanying the business trip (business trip sheet, driver's employment contract, car rental agreement, etc.). Moreover, each organization can attach its own document templates, and generated package of documents will include documents received by these templates .

Car service and reminders

The system allows you to register for each machine, each work done on it and each purchase made for it, which provides full control of the financial expenses of this machine, as well as ensures the planning of further work. Moreover, if the work is of a periodic nature, for example, engine oil change, tire change, car service inspection, etc., then you can attach a reminder to this work or purchase that will at the right time prompt and periodically remind you , about work or purchase which needs to be done.

The reminder module itself has been widely used, since reminders in the system can also be set independently of work and purchases. The most common reminders are when over speeding, motor overheating, refueling, fuel draining, stops, entering or leaving a geozone, exceeding working hours, etc. Reminders can be attached to the car or not. Reminders attached to the car can be set by date or mileage. In addition, reminders can be one-time, or periodically repeated. All these properties make the reminder system more flexible and usable. Reminders are received not only on the interface, but also as viber messages. Especially, viber messages, received automatically were highly appreciated by our clients.


For the selected period of time, you can receive reports about traversed path, fuel consumption, stops, engine hours, visited places or addresses, refueling, fuel drains and other details.

Reports are provided on a map, in tabular form, in the form of charts or graphs, in the form of export in Word file format or in Excel file format. It is important that reports can be created both by the tools of the system Wialon and by the tools of the system Tesnum.em .

The reporting system can be expanded according to customer suggestions.

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