Technical Service

Technical Service

The company performs various car maintenance jobs at affordable prices. Maintenance services are offered in two ways: payment for each service and a fixed monthly fee for the package. Part of the work of the fixed monthly service is provided free of charge. Service packages are flexible and can be designed according to the needs and suggestions of the clients.

For trucks, the Truck-20000 package is now available, which for a monthly fee of AMD 20,000 ensures the following works for each truck (truck + trailer) throughout the month:

1. Free parking

2. Free tire change

3. Free technical inspection, including ․

  • Checking engine oil, transmission, axle,
  • Brake system inspection,
  • Air system inspection,
  • Inspection of common running gear,
  • Free replacement of all kinds of oils,
  • Free replacement of brake pads and brake discs,
  • Grease

For clients using any package of services, we offer a 10% discount on all works outside the package.

All maintenance work performed by us is registered in the Tesnum.em Management System.

becoming our client, you get the opportunity to use the Tesnum.em system. This way you can keep track of all maintenance work on your machines.

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